Urban Edibles

A community databas of wild food sources in Portland, Oregon

about the project

Some nice foliage may make Portland, Oregon a “green” city, but amongst the leaves is a surprising amount of edible food sources. On one side of town there may be a public street lined with fruit trees whose bounty gets swept in to a dumpster year after year, while on the other side some kids may be anxious to make some plum jam. This project aims to make more available the natural food sources throughout the city that go undiscovered each year. Nut trees, berry patches, unsprayed fields of dandelion roots are all welcome. We invite you to share the sources you already know of, search for new ones with your friends, and participate in our official scouting days.

helping out

This is a community project that needs lots of help before it can become a truly useful tool. Collecting source data, researching plants, making flyers, spreading the word, and working on the source code -- are all priorites. Get involved by subscribing to the email discussion list and editting the Wiki pages directly.

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  • Wiki (online workbook)

    Anyone can view and edit details about the project at the Urban Edibles wiki. Instructions are available at the Wiki. Please check it out! http://wiki.urbanedibles.org


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